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How to Withdraw Cash From Credit Card to a Bank Account | Cash Advance | Short Term Personal Loan

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If you are in a financial trouble, You got an option thanks to the availability of personal loans & credit cards. First of all if you are using a credit card, than you can apply for short term personal loans. Credit card users have high value of credit eligibility which could helps to avail a short term personal loans. You can apply for a short term personal loan from your direct bank account or private finance companies.

Cash Advance

Another way to Get Cash from Credit Card is CASH ADVANCE. 
A cash advance lets you borrow money directly from your credit card rather than purchase. Some bankers allows their customer to transfer amount directly to their bank account. while others require some extra step. But both ways will be chargeable, you need to pay some extra charges to the bank for cash withdrawals. this cash advance should be used for emergencies.  

These are some ways to transfer money from credit card to bank account 

  • Using western union
  • Using Money Gram
  • Using Paytm
  • Using Paydeck

There are some circumstance where payment through credit card is not accepted.

  • Car loan payments
  • Home loan payments
  • Other credit card bills
Though there are certain restrictions and fees involved in fund transfer from credit card to savings bank account and current account, still it is cheaper than going for a personal loan which incurs high interest rate and charges.You need to choose the better way to liquidize credit eligibility based on interest rates.

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