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Groww – Share Market | Gold | Mutual Fund – Complete Analysis
Everyone has seen the horror face of Lock-down after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us lost their job or income source  after the long shut down. But this COVID-19 taught us one important lesson, Money is always important. mutual-fund-investment-stock-market-groww-appA successful man always creates a lot of income sources to his family. as you can see every succeed business man should have invested in many type of business. Think about Mr. Ambani, he didn’t even know how many types of business he is doing at present. Of course we don’t have capacity of large investments but there is something you have to invest easily but only you wish to do so.  Yes It’s your Knowledge to Invest..!

How to buy shares

Many people are thinking that the salary income is enough and safe. but that is not truth. we spent more than 8 hours per day in any office for salary and allowances. you can earn some decent money from jobs but you can not improve your family position to next level. 

Online trading is the most popular way to earn money but there are many fraudulent websites and app which you need to ignore. Benefits of online trading is Faster transaction, you can monitor it anytime, grate control, cheaper and convenient. 

Groww is the online trading platform, you can invest in shares, gold and mutual fund.  You can check the live updates from NIFTY, SENSEX and all other share publishers from the app. Also you can compare with other company shares, mutual funds returns before investing. 

Minimum investment is rs. 100/- only so this would be the best investment platform for students as of they could learn many things about online trading and stock market, mutual funds..,

How to Register Grow App.

Click here to login Groww 

You can register Groww with your Email ID and Mobile number, Once you have successfully registered with Grow, You need to upload your ID and Address proofs and verify through Adhar OTP. Don’ fear to give such details this is most trust able platform in India.

After uploading all required documents, it takes 24 hours to verify your account by Groww team. 

Invest in Share market – Stock

before investing in share market you need to analyse the share publisher and their business position. share investing is the best tool for long time earnings. If you buy some decent shares from a profitable company then you will get profit when their stock price get increased. 

How to invest in Share Market / Stock

Go to Stock tab – Top by market Cap

There will be a complete list of companies and their current market price. 

See the market details, it will show you the current value, how much increased or decreased in price from yesterday both percentage and price. also you can see the price difference details for weekly monthly and yearly. by clicking on any company name you can see the entire details with proper graph.

See the trend and analyse well before investing money. Stock market investments are subject to market risk.

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