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How to Apply for Card Swiping Machine. 

Time Saving is the most important thing for a business. Swiping machine is the best in saving more times for any business. If we are using a swiping machine, then we don’t need to count the cash, give balance amount, keep the eye on counter cash and deposit it safely in the bank account. 

When the world has become digitalized, people are ignoring to use the liquid and they learned to use the online payments. 

Use the below sample letter to apply Card Swiping Machine



(Take this letter in you company letter head)

Date : xxxxxxx


Name / Name of your firm

Address -1

Address -2

Place – Pin code


The Branch Manager

Address -1

Address -2

Place – Pin Code

Dear sir,

SUB:  Requesting for Card Swipe Machine – Reg

REF: Account Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Account Number : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With regards to the above referred subject, I have been using a current account with your bank since xxxxx in the name of ( Name of Your Company ). We are requesting you to kindly issue a card swiping machine. 

Also, we would like to know the details like charges and payment schedule. kindly do the needful at your earliest convenience. 

Thanking You




How to Use POS Card Swiping Machine

Using the card swiping machine not only for saving the time, it also gives you security for your money. and you money will be deposited automatically in your bank account.

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