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An Alternative to Twitter? – 9 Lakh Users in 5 Days: Welcome to the ‘KOO’ Processor


Koo App – The Voice Of India 

The ‘Koo’ processor, which has been launched in India as an alternative to the popular social networking site Twitter processor, continues to gain popularity. In just five days, 9 lakh users have joined the new ‘Koo’ processor.

There has been a recent rift between the federal government and the Twitter company. The federal government has warned Twitter not to block accounts that post controversial information about the farmers’ strike. 

The Federal Department of Electronics and Information Technology told Twitter that criminal recordings could not be taken as freedom of expression and should be considered a threat to law and order.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Piyush Goyal and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan have called on the public to use the ‘Koo’ processor, developed by a Bangalore-based start-up based in India.

In this situation, the reception for the ‘Koo’ processor is constantly increasing. In just five days from February 6 to 11, 9 lakh users joined the new ‘Koo’ processor.

The ‘Koo’ processor was developed over a year ago on behalf of Pompinat Technologies. The processor was developed by 10 Indian engineers. The yellow chicken, like Twitter’s blue bird, is symbolically designed. Last year, a total of 26 lakh people downloaded the ‘Koo’ processor from Play Stores.

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