Link to personal WhatsApp groups in Google search: Fear of re-emerging WhatsApp security!


Links to WhatsApp individual groups have been found again by searching on Google search engine. This means that even if these are secret, private WhatsApp conversation groups, if they have a link, you can easily search the Google and join the group.

Rajeshkar, an independent cyber security analyst, shared this. Thus the question of the safety of WhatsApp individual groups has been raised again.

Recently, nearly 4,000 links to the Internet in personal WhatsApp groups were listed on Google search engine. Individual groups created an environment where anyone could keep these links and join their respective groups without any sense of convenience. This raised suspicions that WhatsApp security had been violated.

Speaking on the occasion, WhatsApp spokesperson Alison Bani said, “Groups’ links are made available to others when they are publicly shared, just as search engines find content shared on public sites. No one should share links shared with acquaintances on public websites.”

On the other hand, there is a change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp. For those who do not accept this, WhatsApp will not work after February 8th. The new rules state that details about users will be shared with other Facebook companies, including Facebook and Instagram.

This has led to fears among many users about the security of their details and conversations.

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