Whatsapp New Security Update | Introducing an Additional Security Feature to Connect WhatsApp Account to Computer | Whatsapp Web


As the number of users using WhatsApp accounts increases, the company has announced an additional security feature for users who connect their WhatsApp account to the computer.

Now to connect your account on WhatsApp web or desktop, you need to unlock the mobile by marking the face or fingerprint before scanning the QR code.
After this connection, whoever logs in to the account on the computer, the notification message will come on the particular mobile. There is also a facility to disconnect the WhatsApp account from the computer immediately if it is suspected that someone else is running it.
The company says that this new security feature will reduce the chance of someone else connecting to our WhatsApp account computer, just by keeping the mobile.
This new update, with the new look of the WhatsApp web page, will be released in the coming weeks.
It has been said that face or fingerprint identification is recorded securely on users’ mobiles and cannot be used by WhatsApp, so it is secure.
When using WhatsApp through desktop / web, it came to light a few weeks ago that the mobile numbers in it were listed in a Google search. Following this, WhatsApp is said to be introducing this new security feature.
It is worth recalling that earlier WhatsApp came up with new terms in their privacy policies and so great controversy erupted.

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