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After this Covid situation going outside for job is become difficult. Since June 2020 there are many platforms have been devolved  to make money online with your mobile phone. WinGo Tradings and Playing online Rummy is not that much easy to earn. You need to put lot of efforts to analyse the the game for better earnings.



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IQ Option is one of the best platforms which could make you earn money in very short time period.


PPOption is a trading platform on which you can earn on rise or falls in currency exchange rates and other assets. 

IQ Option is the simplest way to make money in online.

PPOption is simpler in their construction than ordinary options because in order to be profitable someone has to predict if the price(strike price) at expiration and not the amount by which it will be higher or lower. 


Expected minimum return is 85%

Minimum trade amount is 50% – Fastest profit cycle 60 seconds

Under the premise of controlling risk, as long as you can make a profit in every transaction, you can spend only $50 and purchase 10 times in 10 minutes, thereby winning $3000.

Simplicity – The operation is simple, and you can become a master in trading skills in a few hours. 

Controlled Rise – The maximum you can lose is the amount placed on a trade. 

Flexibility –  You can make money whether the markets are trending or not.

Low Investment –  Usually, you can open an options position with as little as $100.


PP Option have professional teachers to guide the investors about analysis of products, give professional investment suggestions according to the changes and trends of international and domestic market conditions, 

Game teachers will guide the operation to make right invest in the right time to  earn profit. the whole app operation is easy to learn and understand. and the investment cycle is short and the rate of return is high. funds are managed on a third-party platform, which is safe and guaranteed. experience the operations for the first time to ensure that the daily income is over 50%. 


To download PPOption application through Android Play store by typing PPOPTION in the search box.  you can download this application from google and other search engines too. but use Play store for easy use and trust. 

After Downloading application, you need to register with your mobile number and email id. Please note you can not register without anybodies referral. 


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The registration method is very simple in PPOption. after downloading PPOption application from play store, click on sign up option than you will see the registration screen. 

To register PPOption you need to put details of your name, mobile number and click the send button in the right side of the verification code tab. after receiving one time password just put it on code section. 

Give a password to open PPOption application and repeat the same password again than give your email address. 



Enter your Mobile number and Password and click Submit to login PPOption application. if you forget your login password you can click on Forgot password option to rest the login password. 

Select Instrument

Login to your account and go to APP home page, select the instrument you want to trade, click the symbol and the details of the symbol will be shown, (shown below: click XAUUSD) you will see the details page, you could choose whether to buy by market or sell by market according to the market trend. 

Place an order (30s, Profit 75%)

Select investment period amount, then click “confirm”. Investment period refers to the time when orders due. settlement will be automatically made by the system when time dues. for example: if you place a ‘Buy by market” order, the investment period is 30s, investment amount is $10, so after 30s, if the market price is higher than the price when you place your order, the settlement amount is $17.5, which means your PP Option profit is  75% in 30 seconds.

View trading orders

Click “History” at the bottom of the page to check your trading details.


24/7 Service

Receive immediate feedback, Chat live, 24/7 with PPOption professional multilingual customer support.

Convenient Deposits and Withdrawals

Making a deposit and withdrawal is quick and straightforward with paytm wallet, bank transfer and UPI.

$10,000 Demo Account

The $10,000 demo account allows you to use the platform without risking real money.

Popular amount trades

With a stable trade system, PPOption serve 20,000 traders of 17,50,000 purchases per day.


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