Disclaimer : We are not promoting this kind of gambling apps and we suggest to stay away from any online earning platforms(even share markets and graph trading apps) We lost some money in this game in 2020, after so many months of researching about this game we found some basic and important tricks then we took our losses and earned some profit. Hence we wrote this post to teach about this game and how they are making us loss to the people still who wants to play. 

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Wingo colour prediction game has become the most popular game since 2020 beginning. there are so many platform in Wingo like Tomis, Bonin bozor, July club, Elante club, goge, Mantrimalls, Cee VIP club etc..,

Some of them are good and trustable and many of them are fraudulent. Better to avoid losing your money, you have to learn about the platform and worthiness.



After many research and playing colour prediction games in various platforms, we found that

MANTRIMALLS is the best colour prediction platforms nowadays. 

Also comparing than others two platforms are having a very stable Trend and trust-able suggestions.


We suggest the players to join this game because of its simple trend and regular Suggestions. Also mantrimall club is having other benefits too which is not provided by other colour game platforms, which are given below.

 Register – Mantrimalls  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍

 Register – JOYMALL  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍


All wingo colour prediction platforms are giving predictions through whatsapp and telegram groups but none of them are giving regular predictions. Also their colour predictions are mostly take us to loss.

They will trick you and made you to believe like their predictions are 100% correct. But their motive is to loot your money. But mantrimalls is giving direct predictions and it could be 85% trustable.



Mantrimalls  is famous for their best bonus schemes. Register and get Rs.50/- in your wallet and You can only invest first time and earn some decent money by referring 10 good players. 

Your account will be added some commission every time the people playing the game who invited by you. And you will get referral bonus extra.


Mantri malls  is giving referral bonus Rs. 138/- per registration. So you can earn more money by inviting your friends and family members.

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To become successful gainer in this addiction game you need to understand the game before playing on it.  It’s not that much difficult ask you think. There are some simple tricks you need to understand first.

Stop Depending Too Much On The Group Suggestions 


The game teachers are giving you suggestions three times per day. But we cannot assured that every suggestions are should be correct.

Also if you depend too much on the teacher suggestions cannot be able to play with your own ideas. You need to understand the game and try to predict the colour yourself.

 Register – Mantrimalls  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍

 Register – JOY mall  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍

Try to Play Your Own

As per the research BegiNNer’s Choice team has found that solo players will earn so much money than others. 

Spend 5 to 10 minutes for reading the colour Trend understand how is going. After 5 to 10 minutes you can predict easily.

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Violet Tricks

See the violet colour carefully, understand when it comes and when it repeats. Violet will come when you can easily predict the next colour.   

 Register – Mantrimalls  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍

 Register – JOY mall  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍

Don’t Be Greedy

Don’t be greedy ever. Many offers will put 10 to 20 first starting stage. After getting some profit they will increase the betting amount and lost everything.

Keep Sufficient Balance.

We have to keep 60% amount in our account can play with 40% amount only. We not suggesting to invest more money

The good player will Invest Rs.100/- and make it Rs.1000/- in a day

Give Rest When You Getting Loss Continuously 

If you lost continuously for three to five times playing the game temporally give rest to your mind start from the beginning 5 to 10 minutes.

Bet On the Opposite Colour What You Believe to be the Next


Put your bet just opposite what you think. Listen carefully believe the next colour will be green or red or violet and you 100% sure about that. Let’s thing nobody wants to lose the money I will think just like you. So everybody bet on a same colour, then the colour will be wrong automatically. 

So whenever you strongly believe that the next colour will be what, then put your bet opposite what you believe.

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Triple Investment Method

Use triple investment method. Start with 10 rupees if you know standard colour rupees 10 and you lost it. Then bit the same colour rupees 30. And if you lost the 30 rupees also with the same colour rupees 50 which means your old loss 40 rupees and your profit rupees 10.

 Register – Mantrimalls  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍

 Register – JOY mall  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/- 👍


Please understand this is not time passing game, we are investing money and more time to predict the right colour. So don’t be anger if you loss some bets. Because you can’t think wisely when you are in anger. And also try to think in different ways. And please understand there will be a tricks always, if we revealed it then it will change automatically. So register the game and recharge Rs. 100/- to activate your account then come to comment box. 


I wish you all success and good luck, If you have any quarries please feel free to comment and subscribe for new updates.  Please Comment your queries. 

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