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Answer Survey for Money – Swagbucks Review 2021

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Are you searching for the best website / app to earn money from answering surveys? You are in right place. Some of you already tried many survey websites and later you find that many of them are scam. Here i bring you a most trusted survey app for making money online.

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What is Online Survey?


Online survey is collecting the information from common people like their interests, lifestyle, culture, language and simply what they are expecting from the sellers / corporate. (not any personal information like otp, bank details, id proof)

These information are collected from various people to understand the society. With that information corporate can decide to make changes in their products and price etc.. 

How to Earn Money From Online Survey?

Online survey websites are the best way to earn from home and from your mobile phones. Online survey websites gives daily tasks to users. You can earn money by completing the tasks as much as you can. 

Only you need to answer some simple questions to complete the task. Every tasks will give you some points like coins, SB, gems. you can redeem the point after reaching to the minimum requirement and convert into a cash either your account or vouchers. 

What Kind of Questions will be asked in online Survey?

Most of the questions are asked in survey websites is only about your personal interests and lifestyle.

You don’t require to think about the answers. They only need to know who you are and what you need. also some of the tasks would be like CAPTCHA answering, this will be used to improve their Artificial Intelligence.

Swagbucks – Best Online Survey App/Website to Earn Money

Swagbucks is a online survey website where you can earn money from answering online surveys. More then 30 million people using Swagbucks each day. Swagbacks offers you regular tasks so that you can earn money whenever you want. 

Swagbucks give you SB points for each survey. a 100 SB points is equal to worth 1$. when you finish a survey you will get some SB points in you wallet and you can redeem it any time. Join Swagbucks.

How to make money from Swagbucks Survey.

Once you opened Swagbucks you will see the daily bonus tab in right side top of the window. From that you can earn up to 7 SB per day. 

Then, click on the “answer” option in top menu, you will get the answer GOLD SURVEY page. 


the page must be have with minimum 3 surveys and each survey has minimum 30 SB. from here you can earn up to minimum 5 dollars per day. and it won’t take much time.

After finishing the gold survey, you will have Daily Pol and Peanut Labs Surveys. As i already told, these surveys requires you interests and they want to know about your life style. so you don’t need take risk while answering the survey.
Daily pol questions will be like this,
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And, Peanut labs survey will be like this


In this section you can choose the better survey before answering it. and this sections will give you up to 150 SB in 15-20 Mins of time.

The average time for finishing the survey will be mentioned in every survey but that is really maximum calculations. as per our advice a common person ca finish the survey with in 10 minutes even it is mentioned as 20 minutes.

You will get SB points in many way from swagbucks, Even you can earn by simply  updating your profile.

After this there will be much more task to earn SB points like  installing applications, playing games, watching videos.. etc. and these all you can find  in discover- discover home / games tab. 


Swagbucks SB points redemption

To redeem swagbucks SB points go to profile and click on Redeem Swag Code option. There will be more options to redeem you points and you can use whatever way you want.


Many platforms are scam in this survey field, i personally have a bad experience 4 year ago. so that i want to share a good and trusted one to the people who are willing to make money online.


Is Swagbucks gives real money?

Answer: Swag bucks gives SB point which can be redeemed as amazon vouchers / Paypal etc..

Does Swagbucks works in India?

Answer: Yes, You can oprate this from india too. also more then 30 million people are using this.

Is Swagbucks is legal and safe?

Answer: Yes, Swagbucks is legal and it is safe to use. Also Swagbucks is working in USA and Canada. 

How much you can make in Swagbucks?

Answer: An average of $40 to 80$ you can make per month.

How many Swagbucks is equal to $1?

Answer:  $1 is equal to 1000 SB points.

Do surveys really pay? and Can we trust survey earning?

Answer : Not every websites are loyal. Read users review before start investing your time. Swagbucks is trusted survey site to earn money.

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