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Disclaimer : We are not promoting this kind of gambling apps and we suggest to stay away from any online earning platforms(even share markets and graph trading apps) We lost some money in this game in 2020, after so many months of researching about this game we found some basic and important tricks then we took our losses and earned some profit. Hence we wrote this post to teach about this game and how they are making us loss to the people still who wants to play. 
Many of us playing colour prediction game and some making money and some losing. Many colour prediction game platforms are currently active today. It’s all about knowing the platform before you start playing.
You may have many doubts about colour prediction games. 
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Can we Trust Colour Prediction Game?


We cant even trust our neighbor in money related things. Then why should you trust such an online platform.  If you trust then you will invest more money and lose.

Don’t expect sudden profit. Invest low amount like Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 and play  with that, when you reach Rs.1000/- then take the amount which you did invested.

What happen if (Dorismall / DLF mall) colour prediction game platform closed suddenly?

Many of us played in Tomisclub colour prediction game, and we still we remember that the Tomis club had closed suddenly without any notice. Many people had lost their account balance and they were unable to withdraw. even we can not assure that doris mall will not be closed or not. but as of my advice, don’t keep too much amount in your wallet, take your daily profit each day and keep a minimum amount for next day game.
But our followers didn’t lose like that, because we suggested to withdraw daily profit and keep only basic amount in the wallet each day. 
The basic amount means, 
First investment Rs. 500/-  play with that until Rs. 1000/- then Withdraw your investment Rs.500/-
So, the balance Rs.500/- is your basic amount. each day you have to keep only Rs.500/- in your wallet at the end of the day, remaining should be withdrawn. 
If you follow these steps then you will never lose more money.

Don’t invest high amount / Play with your profit

Not only dorismall, if you are playing any colour prediction game then you have to use small amounts for invest. A good player will not invest high amount,  If you take risk in your own money then you will become fool. 
Invest small amount and play with 40% of that, Try the below points
 Register – New Colour Prediction Game  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/-
Keep your account balance maximum Rs.500/- only.
Play with Rs.10/- per bet.
Think negatively, which means you have to bet opposite colour. If you predict red then bet on green.

Doris Mall / DLF mall Tricks – Colour Prediction Tricks

Colour prediction games have 14 types of sequences, and it will be reflected randomly in any time. A player need to understand the sequence before start playing. Here i have derived some important sequences. write on comment if you any doubts.

What  is mirror sequence in colour prediction game

DLF Mall mall is having many trend sequences, Mirror trend is one of the bets sequence in DLF mall. Try to find the mirror sequence. Mirror sequence means same colour pattern will be reflected after any center point.
Here you can see the same pattern came again after the center point. Here center point means (R) .
Change the colour before  1 sequence.  
As per the above sequence, the red colour has come for 10 times then two greens, one red again two greens, then red colour continues which means mirror trend. In this case the colour would be red. Because already we have 10 red colours so this time also red should come to finish the mirror trend.
  Register – New Colour Prediction Game – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/-
But I am suggesting you to put on green colour. Because the trend will be end up before or after the exact place. 
If this lost, 10th time also red comes like this  RRRRRRRRRRGGRGGRRRRRRRRRR
then the 11th colour also would be red. because the trend will never be end up in a perfect location. If you lose your previous time then put double in this. 

Is Double Investment or Triple Investment Will Work?

Off course but you must understand where to use it. First of all you should not play every time. You have to wait for the correct trend and play whenever the trend is ready. 
Use double investments in unstable trends. and if you get profit in triple investment method than stop investing again for few minutes in triple investment at least in same channel. 
Because if you get profit by triple investment method in 3rd or 4th sequence. you can’t expect the perfect trend again. many times dragon will come after the unstable trends. so try to predict the dragon starting stage and invest with same amount. 
So keep this in mind, If you got victory in triple investment method then stop the triple investing for few minutes.  

Play with all channels of DLF Mall & Doris Mall

Colour prediction games have 4 channels like Party, Sapre, Becon and Emerd. You many think playing in all channels at the same time will ruin your predicting knowledge and your concentration. But that’s not true. If you try to play in all channels then you can understand this game in a different way. we can’t wait 3 minutes for Rs.10/-  it is not advisable. 
When you started to play in all channel, you will come to know that every channels have a same sequence
 Register – New Colour Prediction Game  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/-

Same colour in all channels of DLF mall & Doris Mall

If you are watching all the 4 channels regularly then you must have seen this. Same colour will come inn all the channels either it is green or red. 
If you predict any same colour in more then 2 channels, then 100% sure that the same colour will come in all sections. here in this situation you have to find the violet colour and bet on the number 5 or 0. 

Conclusion – Colour Prediction Games ( Mantrimall | Dorismall | DLF mall)

Many people are saying this colour prediction game is a scam, colour prediction game fraud, you will lose money etc.. I just want to ask them what about online trading apps, mutual fund, IPL betting. of course no colour prediction game is service motive and no colour prediction platform will give you hug profit. They will trick to make you lose by group predictions. So don’t listen group advice, play your own, see before play, use small amounts, use your brain to make money. 
Thank you all…!
  Register – New Colour Prediction Game  – Minimum Recharge Rs.100/-
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