If you are playing Joymall colour prediction game, then you should be facing an issue that bank card is not updating and unable to change the bank details in joymall.  Don’t worry guys, here is a solution for it. 


Welcome to beginners choice.

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Okay, let’s come to the point. 

Why we are unable to change or delete and update the bank details in joy mall colour prediction game. 

Recent days joymall colour prediction game has updated its server, after that edit or delete option in bank card is not working. If you are registering first time then give your proper bank details with same bank UPI ID. For eg. If you are giving state bank of india account details, you must give sate bank of india UPI ID. Don’t use Phone pay or google pay UPI ID’s in Joymall. But you can add any UPI/ bank details in Mantrimalls

How to change Bank card in Joymall colour prediction game

Currently we don’t have provision to update / delete bank details in joymall colour prediction game, But still if you want to update or change your bank card in joymall colour prediction game app, Use the below link to connect with Joymall Support team in telegram.

Get the link for updating the bank details in Joymall colour prediction game

Once you open the telegram through this link, join the group and send a message to owner/admin of the group (vanesa) that you want to change your bank details in joymall. 

After that send the below details.

Your ID :   91xxxxxxxxxxxx
Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bank name : xxxxxxxxxx
Account No : xxxxxxxxxxxx
IFSC Code : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Branch : xxxxxxxxxxxx
UPI : xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please note, Don’t send continue massages to them , just send the above information’s, the same will be activated in 1 or 2 days. 

Thanks for reading.

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