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9 Colour Prediction Tricks to Earn More Money | Top 4 Color Prediction Games in India 2022-2023

Hello everyone! Welcome to beginner’s choice, we had a very big appreciations from you guys for the latest posts. Thank you so much also many people asked about colour prediction game tricks, which colour prediction game we need to play like that. So we have planned to make a special post to fulfill all doubts about colour prediction games. today we brought you very basic important colour prediction game tricks which will help you to make money online. There are so many colour guessing games in india but we need to choose a better platform to invest our money.

Mantrimalls – Best Game Ever !

Joymall  Low investment.

Pacificmall – Newly launched.

Reliance mall – New mall

Here you will learn many new things about colour prediction game tricks. Take a time to read the entire post. And subscribe our YouTube channel too.

Table of content

What Is Colour Prediction Game?

How to Play Colour Prediction Game

Colour Prediction Game Rules

Which Is the Best Colour Prediction Game

See the comparison post

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Why Mantrimall is best then Other Platforms

Compare Mantrimalls with Other Platforms

How to Win Any Colour Prediction Game

Important Tricks and Hacks of Colour Prediction Games

How To Earn Money from Colour Prediction Games

What Is Colour Prediction Game?

An online trading platform where you can invest money from Rs.100/- and earn more than you could imagine. Colour prediction games are become more popular in India since 2020. There are many colour prediction platforms offering this service also there are many of them are scam. So if you like to start earning money by predicting the colours than you should choose the best colour prediction game platform.

How to Win Colour Prediction Game?

The basic thing is to finding the next colour and investing money on it. If the colour comes correct that your money will get double, if lost than try with another sequence. Every 3 minutes has 1 sequence and every sequence has different colour and different number.

The colour will be RED or GREEN so you have 50% of chances to be win which is really than any other investing / gaming platforms. Even rummy games also not having this much of possibilities. Yes in rummy games there are 4 or 5 players will play in a table so the chance of your winning is 4 or 5 depending on the number of persons on the table.

But in colour prediction games you are the only one who have 50% of the winning chances.  And the last one colour is violet. It is like a joker colour. This colour will not make you lose but it will reduce your profit to 50%. In case if you bet on violet colour than your profit will be higher to 350%. Also the good thing is the violet will not come alone.

Colour Prediction Game Formula

If you are spending Rs.100/- for single trade, you will get Rs.98/- after deducting Rs.2/- for service fee.

  1. If you bet on RED Rs.100/-, the result is red than your balance would be Rs.98/-
  2. If you bet on GREEN Rs.100/-, the result is green than your balance would be Rs.98/-
  3. If you bet on VIOLET Rs.100/-, the result is violet than your balance would be Rs.450/-

Best Colour Prediction Game in India 2022-2023

So many colour prediction game platforms being opened in past 18 months and most of them was closed without knowing the reason. People should understand that not every platforms are loyal in this filed. You may joined 6 months ago and still now your colour prediction app was running smoothly but remember that one day your colour prediction game app will be closed if it is a scam.

So we need to find which colour prediction game is best in 2022.

Mantrimalls – Best Game Ever !

Joymall  Low investment.

Pacificmall – Newly launched.

Reliance mall – New mall

Mantrimalls / Mantrigame

Since we analyzed, Mantrimall (A-K-A mantrigame & mantriclub) is the best colour prediction game in India. It has so many best features which brings mantrimall is the most played color prediction game app.

In recent days we found that many people from other platforms are coming to mantrimalls. Basically other platforms giving high invite bonus to attract new people but we should understand that nothing comes free. If any colour prediction game is giving you joining bonus means you will need to lose some more money while playing. So don’t fall in joining bonus scam. In the other hand most of the platforms are giving referral bonus which is really acceptable only if it is works automatically like mantrimalls. Many platforms will not pay you automatic referral bonus.

If you are playing any other colour prediction game then it is the right time to join with most trusted color prediction app – Join mantrimalls now..!


It was opened very beginning of the covid pandemic. Joymall was not popular in the beginning. as i said early fake things will get popular sooner than true one. But the past 7 months colour prediction game players are really become an expert, they are avoiding fake platforms and migrate to best one like Joymall.

New players should be aware of this and don’t fall in any money looting color game platforms. Try to stick with Joymall always.

Come back to the subject, Joymall is the trustable colour prediction game app as same as mantrimalls. If you wish to try in one or two colour prediction game apps then register Joymall . Or If you said I’m ok with one colour prediction app the register mantrimalls only.

Because comparing this two colour prediction game apps, Mantrimall is the top level game where you can invest more money.

Why Mantrimall is best colour prediction game app then Other Platforms?

  • Its has a regular prediction than other colour gussing apps.
  • More winning probabilities than other apps.
  • Maximum profit in telegram suggestions.
  • Minimum recharge is Rs.100/- but recharge minimum Rs.500/- for better starting.
  • Minimum withdrawal is Rs.300/- only
  • Per day 2 times withdrawal limit.
  • 24/7 withdrawal allowed.
  • Easy trends and low risk
  • Compare Mantrimalls with Other Platforms
  • How to Win Any Colour Prediction Game
  • Important Tricks and Hacks of Colour Prediction Games

How To Earn Money from Colour Prediction Games

* Play


*how much we can earn

My success Story in Colour Prediction Games

My Withdrawal Proofs


Frequently asked questions 

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Mantrimall register code

How to guess violet in colour prediction game

How to find the next number in colour prediction game

How to complaint colour prediction game

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Mantrimalls tricks to win

Best colour prediction app

Colour game tricks

Colour game register code

Colour game group link

Welcome msg

This is called colour prediction game. You need to find the next colour either red or green and place your order on the colour. If the same colour arrives then your money will get double.

Minimum investment Rs.100/- you can start with Rs.300/- and use Rs.30/- for earn orders.

Also we are giving free suggestions (like which colour will come next) 5 times every day in telegram group

Register and recharge Rs.300 or more and follow the group for free suggestions

This is only 3 minutes game. so you can make up to Rs.3000 per day by investing Rs.500/- Only you need a basic prediction knowledge.

Contact the telegram group owner for any further assist.

Hi dear!

Do you wish to make money online daily Rs.1500 to Rs.450

Mantrimalls – Best Game Ever !

Joymall  Low investment.

Pacificmall – Newly launched.

Reliance mall – New mall

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