9 Best selling mobile Phone brands in the world – 2021

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Nowadays mobile phone have become essential product in human lifestyle. We must choose the right brand before we pick the right product. 

There are many companies manufacturing mobile phones allover the world but very few of them can only give the best customer service and satisfied price. 

Lets discuss about the best mobile brands in the world 2020. 

Top 10 mobile brands in the world 2021

1. Samsung

Samsung is the all time best mobile brand in the world by giving best quality of the products and satisfied customer service. From the bargain basement Samsung J series and excellent mid-range Samsung A series to the flagship Samsung S series and Samsung Note. 

They have many authorized service centers in every major cities. Quality and best service is always keeps it in the first place. 

2. Apple 

The Iphone’s are unmatched when it comes to hardware quality. High price and low features are major defects but still it’s most liked product because of its design and best security system . 

3. Google 

Despite being newcomers to the mobile manufacturing market, Google  brand mobile are become fast selling brands in the world. Google always maintain it’s goodwill in every corner. 

4. One plus 

Continue to the offer flagship features and mid range price also impressing hardware system is made one plus become the fast growing mobile brand in the world. 

5. Nokia

Nokia is one of the best product in smart phone industry. many people still likes this mobile branch only for its long lost life and unique simple features. 

6. Motorola 

It’s had a few years, but still knows how to knock out a top quality mid range phone.

7. LG

Formally a smartphone giant, LG’s handsets have struggled to find an identity in crowded marketplace.

8. Sony

Another branch that fallen on hard times, Sony has lost the initiative on design and offers a truly baffling range of phones.

9. Huawei 

Security concern aside, It’s impossible to deny the Chinese company makes some of the most impressive phones on the market. 

The smartphones market is always been competitive. this listing might be changed every year.

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