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What is E-Invoicing Under GST ?

From 1st January 2021, E-invoice system is applicable for all the business who have aggregated turnover exceeding INR. 100 crores in any preceding financial year from 2017-18 to 2019-20. 

If your company / firm / organisation has reached the turnover to 100 corers or above in the last 3 financial year then you must be comes under the E-Invoicing System. 


Login to E-Invoicing Portal register by using your GSTIN.


Visit E-invoicing NIC portal, go to Help – Tools  – Bulk Generation Tool

Click on Bulk Generation Tool You will be redirected to the downloads page you can see the right side of the page – Bulk IRN Generation Tab there are 4 format (A,B,C & D) for crediting Json file for fling E invoice. 

Click here for BulkGenerationTools page

E-Invoice system under GST
E-invoice Generator Tools


FORMAT – A    For B2B, Sez, Exports and Deemed Exports of E-invoice details in one page
FORMAT – A    For B2B, Sez, Exports and Deemed Exports of E-invoice details in two page
FORMAT – A    For B2B, Sez, Exports and Deemed Exports of E-invoice details in one page with payment                                            reference in multiple sheets
FORMAT – A    For B2B, Sez, Exports and Deemed Exports of E-invoice details in one page with payment                                            reference in one sheet

After downloading the excel sheet, you need to save it to a separate folder. Because the excel file will export the Json file and a note pad file if any errors arrived. and all the exported files from the excel will be saved to the same folder where the excel file is saved. so make sure your excel file is saved in a separate folder.

In the excel sheet we need to file PROFILE  and E-INVOICE tab. 

Open profile tab and fill your company details whichever is mentioned as mandatory
Seller GSTIN, LEGAL NAME, SELLER ADDRESS-1, SELLER LOCATION, STATE AND PIN CODE are mandatory in profile section .

Also you need to choose yes or no for 11 sections in the bottom of the profile tab. If you are only B2B supplier you don’t need to enable anything from the tab.


There are many mandatory options you need to fill carefully in E-invoice tab

  • Supply type code  – Choose you supply type like B2B, sez, export.
  • IGST on Intra  – Just omit that tab, that is not mandatory.
  • Document type – tax Invoice.
  • Document number  – Actual invoice number which generated from your local software / tally.
  • Document date  – Invoice date. date format should be dd/mm/yyyy
  • Buyer GSTIN – Enter the correct GST number of the buyer.
  • Buyer legal name – Enter the buyer name.
  • Buyer POS – POS means Point of sale, mention the buyer’s state.
  • Buyer address-  There are 2 columns for address tab. first column is mandatory so don’t forget to fill that.
  • Buyer Location – Location is Place of supply, mention the city name.
  • Buyer state – Mention the state of the buyer.

Next green tab is for product details fill all the mandatory details

  • Fill the serial number
  • Product description
  • HSN code
  • Quantity
  • Unit (piece, meter, kilo, roll, set,. etc.)
  • Unit price  – Rate per product
  • Gross amount – Quantity * Rate per product
  • Taxable amount – Gross amount and Taxable value are same. mention the same value in both  fields
  • GST Rate(%)  – Mention the GST rate (5,12,18 or 28)

If you sending goods within Tamilnadu then put SGST and CGST or sending to any other state Just Put IGST and fill the Item Total column.

Value Details
preparing online E Invoice for GST by excel
E-Invoicing excel sheet format

This is were we are all commonly making mistake. on this tab we need to fill the total invoice value (TOTAL TAXABLE VALUE + GST AMT = TOTAL INVOICE VALUE)

Don’t split the invoice value. Just put the total basic value + total GST = total invoice value. If you have a five rows in this invoice then just put the same value in five rows. please see the above image for reference. also note the rounded off format. this is very important to make proper Json file.

After filling these details just click on validate button on the top of the screen, Just near the page title. After clicking the validate button it will take few seconds to verify your data.

If any error found, A note pad file will be created on the same folder where the excel sheet has being saved. If so, just open that excel sheet for error message and do the necessary arrangements as mentioned in the file. and click again in validate button. 

I have covered most of mistakes about creating Json file and uploading in to E-invoicing portal. So, read and follow this post instructions carefully then your data will be validated in first attempt.

einvoice system, E Invoice in GST, E Invoicing
E-Invoice Dash Board

After a successful validation, Just logon to E-invoice Portal  by using your user name and password


Commonly this is auto migrated web page, if you have already registered with E-Way bill System, use the same login ID and Password to the E-Invoicing website. 

After login to the Online E-Invoicing portal, See the left side bar and click on E-Invoice – Bulk Upload

You will see another page with upload button, clock on browse and choose the correct Json file from your local computer and click upload. 

how to upload Json file, uploading Json in E Invoice portal
Upload Json File

After uploading your Json file, you will receive the message for successful generation of e invoice and click to download excel button and find the acknowledgement number from the excel sheet.  

Then click the home button on the life side top = the page will be redirected to home

Click on e-invoice – print. use the Acknowledgement number or IRN number to download and print the invoice copy


Is E-Invoice mandatory for B2C? 

B2C Invoice is made for the Customer / End user so E-Invoice is not required for B2C sale or supply.

Who is Eligible For E-Invoice ?

Who has turnover of 100 crores or more in the previous financial year. Below 100 crores turnover does not required to make E-Invoice

How do i register for E-invoice? 

Visit this page for E-invoice registration and download E-invoice preparation tool https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in  or Just visit your GST portal for quick link.

What is IRN number ?

The full form of IRN is INVOICE REFERENCE NUMBER. this number is allocated by E-Invoicing portal. 

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