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Affiliate marketing is that the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. When you promoting someone else’s product or service by using an affiliate link which may be a link that you simply can get from a corporation a product the service someone clicks on that link then plow ahead and buy you can earn a commission.

Now the way that it works is there’s many different affiliate programs out there most companies most products most services, they need what’s called an affiliate program. and therefore the affiliate program is essentially a program they need that give people the power to join for free of charge and promote their product and earn a commission. 

So, once you join an affiliate program you will get what is called an affiliate link okay which may be a special link, which will allow you know the corporate to trace to ascertain, which sales were produced by you who clicked on your link and went ahead and purchased. 

in order that they will track that and confirm that you simply get purchased promoting the merchandise okay so with technology with the affiliate marketing links. it’s pretty accurate it’s about like 99% accurate in fact there are some circumstances where things won’t be tracked perfectly except for the foremost part you catch on you get a commission for promoting that product. 


Now affiliate marketing may be a great point. and the reason why it is so valuable to urge started with online. Because you do not have to create a product, you do not have to create a service, you do not need to be the expert, you do not even need to really sell the merchandise.

Because basically what you’re doing is you’re sharing a product or service with folks that you would possibly know relations friends your lists, subscribers or followers whatever might be you’re sharing a product or service with them or you’re endorsing something. And, once they click the link they’re going to travel to the opposite person’s website for the merchandise or the service and that is getting to sell them that’s getting to then sell them on the product or service.

You recognize they already have the they’ve already done all the marketing for it they need. the customer support they have the delivery of the merchandise and so for you you basically just get paid by sending traffic, someone else’s way by sending people your visitors your subscribers your whatever.

It’s just by sharing then you create money in  exchange for that and affiliate marketing is usually a win-win for everybody involved it is a win for the company. Because the corporate has now acquired a customer or a purchase that they previously would haven’t gotten if it wasn’t for you it is a win for you. 

Because you’ve to earn money and commission with doing little or no effort. Because you did not have to return up with the idea, you did not have to require the risk, you did not have to create something,  you did not have to be the expert, you didn’t have to spend all the time the money to make all the marketing. 


The website all that kind of stuff and you get you recognize you easily get paid just by leveraging you recognize. your subscribers or followers or list or traffic, In how and it is a win for the customer because the customer now gets to profit from the product or service they get a benefit and hopefully the merchandise.

You know solves a drag meets their need helps them call at how okay so it’s oh you recognize affiliate marketing may be great thing every every successful business owner that i do know of they leverage affiliate marketing. Because it just is sensible if you’ve business selling supplements for instance you know master expertise. then it makes sense to maybe find information products or digital products which will complement that you simply also can promote and earn money. 

Even you recognize if you’ve got an audience of individuals that are within the health and fitness you recognize maybe you’re not getting to invent a blender and you’ll just enjoy their affiliate program and promote their blender instead you recognize maybe there’s fitness equipment you recognize that you simply don’t want to create and make like insanity or Beach body and now you can just join the affiliate program and earn a commission.

From that or even there’s something complimentary that you simply can promote earn a commission from so basically what it’s is you’re partnering your joint venturing with other businesses and corporations and it’s incredible thing and your whole job is an affiliate your whole focus is simply getting traffic getting visitors getting followers. 

And you recognize is it you simply have to specialize in that to start out with and you know eventually if you select you’ll create your own products if you would like your own services but I desire affiliate marketing is simply an excellent. Affiliate programs are like Amazon Amazon is that the number one online retailer. 


Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates and anybody can join it it’s free uh you basically you attend amazon.com slash associates and you could do a Google search word also but you check in you join then you basically, now can promote any product on Amazon we’re never product you opt to promote they’ll offer you a singular affiliate link. 

which may be a special link only for you that you are going to use to place it on your blog then put it on your Facebook you’ll put it any email you’ll put it on Twitter could put it on YouTube you employ that link let’s say you recognize for a TV or something like that and when someone clicks that link and that they go and buy you earn a commission from that.


Every affiliate program is different you know it with Amazon for instance because it’s physical products they’ll offer you five to 10 percent commission it starts off you recognize then it slowly goes up as more products that you simply sell amazon’s affiliate program though i should pay you for each product that somebody buys within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate link so for instance if someone buys a TV right they buy a few thousand dollar TV you are going to earn a five to 10 percent commission. 


People they do not just buy one thing they go to maybe buy a wall-mount they could buy you recognize an apple they might buy PlayStation 4 they could buy you recognize DVD player and stuff then you’ll earn Commission for all those additional products that they buy within 24 hours, which is pretty cool right eBay has an affiliate program there’s affiliate networks where you’ll actually check out an entire marketplace of products that you simply want to you recognize promote and earn a commission from you know.


There are many other ways to monetize your blog like publishing ads. Google adsense is the best option for all times but after this covid pandemic situation, google takes extra time review new adsense applications. many bloggers have not been waiting for approval for more than 2 months. There are many advertising networks provides ad publishing facility in online. 

POPADS is one of the best ad network in the world. you can earn from popads even for impressions, which means you could still earn if nobody click on your ads.

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