Colour Prediction Game Customer Care- New Updates 2023

Many new members join every day, but many people don’t even know how to make money. Now I teach you, I don’t want to see you lose money. There are two ways to make money.


First: Make money through personal investment, prepare sufficient principal, and buy according to the group’s forecast. If you have sufficient funds, you can increase the amount of investment, but don’t want to make a lot of profits with very little capital.

Second: Make money by inviting friends to join. When they top up for the first time, you can get an invitation bonus. When they top up each time, you can get 5% of the top up amount. In addition, their 30% transaction fee is also your bonus (level 1)

The third is your subordinates invite new subordinates. When they recharge successfully, in addition to the 20% transaction fee, you can also get 2% of the recharge amount as a reward, (Level 2)

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1. It is forbidden to use the same mobile phone to register multiple accounts to defraud bonuses (it is forbidden to use the same IP account). The use of multiple mobile phones to register multiple accounts is also prohibited.

2. The same game mode prohibits members of the same game account from conducting red and green transactions at the same time.

3. Under the same game mode, upper-level members and lower-level members are prohibited from conducting red and green transactions at the same time within the same time period. The same game mode prohibits different agent line game accounts using multiple accounts to conduct red and green transactions at the same time in the same period. The same game mode prohibits members of the same game account from making 8-10 digital transactions at the same time in the same period.

4. If you need to register a new account under special circumstances, please contact the teacher for authorization.

5. Each member can only have one Joymall account. Any form of deception, arbitrage and speculation is prohibited. These are the basic rules. Please strictly abide by all members. If you violate the rules, Joymall has the right to suspend all illegal accounts to maintain the fairness and justice of the game. In serious cases, the account will be frozen, the agent qualification will be cancelled, and the qualification to make money in Joymall will also be cancelled.

Note: Joymall here to tell those who want to profit by breaking the rules, speculating, deceiving rewards and arbitrage. This is not feasible. In order to ensure our fairness, this situation is strictly prohibited. Any accounts and related accounts that make profits in violation of the rules will be directly frozen and lose their agent qualifications and the qualifications to make money in the Happy Mall.

Withdrawal Complaints – Colour Prediction Game

1. No matter how much you withdraw, you must complete enough transaction volume (1 times the maximum recharge and bonus), for example: recharge 1000rs, and then get 108RS bonus. Therefore, you must complete the 1108RS transaction. Transaction volume = recharge amount + bonus

2. Do not violate the rules of the game, if you violate the rules, you will not be able to withdraw and recharge

3. Before withdrawing money, you need to fill in the correct bank account information under your own name. When filling in your name, please fill in your own real name. Otherwise, if the information verification fails, you will not be able to withdraw money. Do not arbitrarily set any personal information.

4. You can apply for up to 3 withdrawals per day. Please do not submit the application repeatedly, and carefully check whether the withdrawal requirements are met. Avoid wasting time

5. After completing the above requirements, apply for cash withdrawal. The withdrawal usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to reach your account. If it takes longer, please be patient. The exact time of arrival depends on the local bank.

6. After the withdrawal is successful, it means that Joymall has paid the fee. Please wait patiently for the withdrawal amount to reach your account. The specific processing time depends on your bank.

7. Withdrawal time is from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 24:00 8. 3% handling fee will be deducted for each withdrawal

9. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 rupees.

10. If you have not received the bonus for a long time or cannot withdraw funds, please reflect on whether you have violated the regulations or remembered the wrong operation. Joymall system has automatic monitoring function.

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1. Remind all members not to save any UPI accounts or bank accounts. In the case of temporary maintenance, the account will be changed. If you pay with a saved account at this time, the order will be lost.

2. For each recharge, please obtain a UPI account or bank account in the selected recharge channel in real time

3. Every time you recharge, please read the recharge instructions of the selected recharge channel, pay attention to the recharge time, pay within the valid time and submit the order

4. If the recharge time expires, please do not pay. Please reopen the recharge channel to recharge. Payment after timeout, the order will be lost.

5. If the operation speed is slow, please choose a payment channel with a longer payment time to avoid loss of funds due to payment overtime. It is recommended to choose a recharge channel that does not need to submit an order (such as IN8Ppay)

6. The payment time includes the time to submit the order. After payment, if you choose the top-up channel that needs to submit the order (such as Ekpay), you must return to the selected top-up channel and fill in the UPI transaction order number of the successful transaction, and then submit it correctly! (If you do not submit the order, the recharge will fail and the order will be lost)

7. The current recharge channel takes 1-5 minutes to reach the account to avoid unnecessary losses. It is recommended that you charge before the prediction starts. All members are asked to read carefully and inform each other, and strictly abide by it. Joymall is not responsible for any financial losses caused by operating errors, and all responsibilities must be borne by itself.


Rules and regulations are important but over ruling will not good thing for any business. It will affect the players freedom. they should receive their commisions properly but joymall is not giving proper comissiona also they will not allow people to withdraw their promotion amount.

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