Lucknow colour prediction game is become popular in 2024. It has lot of gaming options like, wingo colour prediction, aviator, lottery, original slots, casino, rummy and fishing etc.., In this article we will see Lucknow colour prediction game tricks.

How to Play Lucknow Colour Prediction Game

  1. Register
  2. Recharge
  3. Click “win” on the botton screen to play area
  4. see all Wingo 1 minute, Wingo 3 Minute, Wingo 5 Minute, and Wingo 10 Minute. all are different channels, you can play with all at a time or play with any one it depends on which sequence looks easier to predict.
  5. predict the next colour or number (play with colours in starting stage, its easir then predicting the number)
  6. to place the order, Click on the colour button Red/Green then select the amount by increasing the numeric value or directly select the amount on the botton screen like 10-100-500-1000, then click confirm.
  7. You must predict and place order with in two and half minutes. last thirty seconds will be hold for the result.
  8. If you get win the amount will be added instantly on your wallet balance, you can play further or just withdraw directly to your bank by using bank account. Minimum withdrawal is Rs.230/-.

Lucknow Colour Prediction Game Tricks

  1. Referral Programs: Lucknow colour prediction games offering referral bonus system which allows you to make money by just inviting your friends and other people though social media. If you invite a person a make them to do first recharge Rs.300/- you will get Rs.100 to Rs.150 as invite bonus. In this very method you can earn daily up to Rs.1500/-
  2. Promotion money: Promotion is known as trade commission, every single trade completed by the people under you, you will receive certain amount as commission. By this method you can earn daily up to Rs.1500/-. You only need to do is, invite the people to the telegram group, and educate your followers to trade wisely, every time they earn money you will also get some commission.
  3. Become an agent: An average salary of an agent Rs.900 per day. and profit sharing would be Rs.1100, and promotional income would be Rs. 1500/-. If you invite daily 10 people then you will get invite bonus Rs.1500, Promotion Rs.1500, salary Rs.900 and profit sharing Rs,1100. Total income for an agent per day Rs. 6000/- per day. Contact if you what to become an agent +91 94888-64216.