How to Create Love Calculator Website  – Free Love Calculator 2021

Love calculator websites are always having a unique and better traffics, By creating a love calculator website, you are making an additional traffic source to your main website. Here is some important features of Love Calculator Websites.


Features of Love Calculator Website

  • One time work : Creating a love calculator website is the one time work. You don’t need to create and update posts regularly. Even you don’t need to type more, You can create love calculator website by just copy and paste the code.
  • Easy sharing to social media :  Love calculator is very popular many people will try this if you share this in social media even if they already known.
  • Regular income : Love calculator website will bring you some decent traffic everyday, so that you can make revenue by placing ads in your website. Also you can put some affiliate links in love calculator website and earn with that.

How does love calculator works?

A love calculator or love meter works by an algorithm which given in back-end of the web page. basically it will convert the name in to numeric numbers and calculate a percentage against the number which was arrived from the names. 

How to use Love Calculator?

Click the above link to visit our love calculator website. It is very simple to use love calculator, only you just need to put your name and your crush’s name in the name field. every time you entering a name you need to click on “set” butting. After that you need to click on calculate button.

The result will bee shown with in few seconds. 

How to create love calculator website and earn?

Creating a love calculator website is very easy,  If passed these two things then you will be rich.

Do you have adsense approval?
Are you using a website with domain?

If not don’t worry. I will explain everything from the beginning, so you will learn how to create a blog and earn.

How to create single page website love calculator website with subdomain – Already having own website

Read the information and follow step by step.

Click here to Download the Code

Open blogger dashboard and click the down arrow very top on the new post button.

After click on the down arrow, you can see the new blog option and click on it too.

you will required to enter the blog name and address. 

After giving a name and specific address to your blog, click on themes section.

Click the down arrow in customize button then click on switch to “first generation classic theme” 

It will ask you to backup and without backup. choose without back up option.

Then, click HTML option

You blog’s HTML screen will be opened, select and delete all the details and paste the new code in your HTML and save.

You can check the web page by clicking view blog option. if you have any further doubts please feel free to comment. 

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Thank you.

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