Surrendering POS Swiping Machine to Bank | Sample Letter – Email Format


Terminating unused card swipe machine is good habit, we can avoid unwanted rentals by surrendering swiping machines if it is no longer usage for us. Use the below letter to surrender your POS swiping machine to bank.

If you are facing any complaints in swiping machine, then visit this post for sample complaint letters

(If you print this on letterhead, no need to put from address. otherwise you need to add from address)

surrender POS swiping machine


Date :…………….


The Branch Manager

Bank Name
Branch Name
Place -Pin

Subject : Requesting to surrender my POS machine

Dear Sir/ Madam

First of all i need to thank you for your kind financial support to us. we have been maintaining a current account with your bank in the name of (your company name). we are using POS swiping machines in our stores which was provided by your bank. 

Unfortunately due to this COVID Pandemic situation we lost many of our customers, hence, we have recently closed our few stores. we have  swiping machines in each stores but now it’s all no longer usage for us. we will get it from you once we reopen our stores. until then please take the following swiping machines which is no longer usage for us.

1. TID No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Serial no:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    

2. TID No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Serial no:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    
3. TID No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Serial no:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    
4. TID No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Serial no:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    
5. TID No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Serial no:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    

Hence, we are requesting you to kindly receive the machines and do the required formalities at immediate convenience. 

Account Holder Name  : xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bank Account Number : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanking you

yours sincerely,


Use this letter format to surrender your unused  card swiping machine to bank. Its better to surrender the POS machine instead of holding, Because the bank will charge you some amount every month for swiping machine rental. So, Its a wise advice to surrender the POS swiping machine to bank if it is no longer usage to you.

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