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Mantrimall/Mantrigame is the most trusted colour predicion in india. everyday over 2 million people were earning through this online game. To be honest, not everyone is really making profit some people do and some people not. whoever knows the winning tricks they will make money. Every color trading apps has it own and unique formula system which makes people difficult in predicting the next colour. But you don’t worry, you have come to the right place..,

Welcome to Beginner’c Choice..!

How to Win Mantrimall Colour Prediction App?

We are researching about mantrigame / mantrimall since 2019, all these years we gave many important tricks to our followers, you can learn everything from our blog posts. Ne we bring you some new important ticks and hacks about mantrigame. lets decode it here..

First of all not every colour trading apps are real. many trading apps are looting money from the players that is why we are telling people to choose right platform for investing money. To win colour prediction app you need to understand whicha app works properly. we found some best colour trading apps where you can invest and earn money. Mantrimall is on of the best platform from our list. most of our followers are playing mantrimall as their first choice.

How to Play Colour Prediction app

  • There will be four channels like PARITY, SAPREE, BCONE, EMRED. You can bet the four channels at the same time. But we suggest that watch and understand the trend and play on any one. 
  • The channels has a different color sequence. It will be changing every 3 minutes. Last 30 seconds the betting counter will be locked, so you have to
  • Choose any colour green or red before that and bet.
  • Minimum betting amount is Rs. 10/-You can choose the colour or number and bet on it.
  • The result colour will be RED or GREEN. And the violet will come sometime only. To know the profit ratio, see the below image.
  • Register and recharge Rs. 500 to Rs.1500

Money Handling Trick

Once you registered with any colour prediction app. fix the amount that you are going to deposit. you must be have a very clear formula about recharging and withdrawing. If you want to make a good money then follow our method.

You must recharge Rs.5500/- only. Rs.500/- is for testing purpose and Rs.5000/- is for investment you must not invest more money then this. this will be your first and last investment in mantrigame.

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My Success Story in Color Prediction App

I hope you are all lost some of money by playing WinGo trading. Honestly i am also lost 47000 rupees then i realized that i was playing this game in wrong way. Then i found some tricks and it’s been successfully working since 20 days to me. I have been writing this post for past 3 days. That time my earning was rs.6600 but now i earned 9280 rupees from mantri malls including my loss of rupees 4700. It may seems very small amount for you. but think about that i earned 92800 rupees in 20 days.

Most of the players have losing their money in this game so i want to share my experience to everyone, i believe this could at least recover your losses. Mantri malls is the new platform in Wingo, which gives you Commission rs. 138/- per single referral, also having 2nd level promotion too.

Mantrimall Color Prediction Tricks & Hack

    I cant stop laughing when i am hearing this.. Don’t depend too much on teachers..!! we must understand this game, the teachers from mantri malls are only here for make us loss. If we play our own there will be very much chance to success but “m damn sure that the teachers will never make you profit. they are giving you profit for 4 days and took every profit and your investments, savings, pocket money, RD balance, petrol, Welfare expenses in a single time. So, Don’t believe in that teachers suggestions better to leave from all suggestion groups and play your own.
    when your seeing the perfect trend is going in any channel, at the same time you are getting massages from Whatsapp groups about this trend. Yes.., that was the best moment ever in you life man, even you had lost by following trend for more than 89 times, still you could smile. Because the trend may looks easy way to earn but you can not say when its going to end, It will broke when you put all your money, i know many people have this experience, so if you are following any trend then keep betting the same or lesser amount from the first bet. if the trend continues to 10 times you will get profit for 8 times.
    This methods were found only by the teachers to loss our money instantly. you can think if you invest double to earn profit and manage the past loss. But remember loss also double when your predictions gone wrong. So, please try to avoid investing double all the times. it could be working some times but if you must know when you need to quit this.
    When you playing Wino games you must keep the sufficient fund in your game wallet. if your are having 500 rupees in you wallet you must playing with 20 rs per bet until you reach to 1000 rupees.
    Don’t think too much.. Whenever you betting a colour by thinking too much and discussing with your friends but the result is wrong.
    Stop thinking too much on the next colour. always your first prediction might be correct
    Time is more valuable than everything, don’t spend too much time for predicting the sequence, understand the trend and start betting low amount, if you thing you are loosing continuously than stop playing, take a break. first your mind needs to be calm to win this game.
    As i said teachers will never make you profit so don’t believe in them, also bet minimum amount for their suggestions, if they tell you to put 10% than you bet with 5%. Many time they are giving us loss more than 100% by saying wrong predictions. after they will give you profit but you should have a balance in your wallet.
    When you betting the same percentage or higher than that you will easily lost your money. than you have to recharge again to gain that loss. so don’t always use 4% of money for a single bet. don’t recharge again.
colour prediction game bonus
Instant withdrawal in mantrimall

Saving money is the better way to earning money So, stop losing you money from today. when i lost my 4700 i realized that my friends were earned 4700 by not playing this at the time. I lost only i started to play. I hope this will change your mind and your way of seeing this game. I am personally advising you recover your losses, don’t feel if it is 1 lakh rupees just bring it to a restaurant eat and drink whatever you want. At lease we will never feel guilty..!


  1. Hi,

    If you want to be in a safe zone, then its better to avoid all money earning games / apps. As i clearly mentioned in this blog post, No game will give your easy cash, you have to play your own ideas and make money with that.

    Also i told early that, the teachers are not your friends, they are giving their predictions, its your job to predict and play. If you don't want to play just leave. I'm writing this post for the people who don't understand this game. Many people earning daily Rs. 1500/- from this in my circle.

    Don't listen anybodies advice, see the game, predict your own. Earn money!

  2. Brother never ever play such type of game….
    Whatever money in your game account , play by your mind. And see if you are winning or not.
    I used to go with same colour for 5times , somehow i won.

  3. i am from kerala and have played this unknwoingly and i have lost 70000 rupess in a day. i was played this with the help of a teacher. he ask me to recharge 300.then the recharge amount gone to 1000,3000,30000 and 40000.i have invested 40000 to get my old 34300.and the teacher told that your task is not completed yet. finally you have to recharge again 33000 something. that time i stopped this and i have lost nearly70000. so mmy virtual account in the wingo platform is there still with some amount.if anyone can help me to recover that amount eithout next recharge will be great. i can assure some money to them. if anyone is there to help me can leave a comment with their contact number

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