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Why is the Colour Prediction Game Disabled? 

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Disclaimer : We are not promoting this kind of gambling apps and we suggest to stay away from any online earning platforms(even share markets and graph trading apps) We lost some money in this game in 2020, after so many months of researching about this game we found some basic and important tricks then we took our losses and earned some profit. Hence we wrote this post to teach about this game and how they are making us loss to the people still who wants to play.

Colour prediction game are become popular since 2020, Platforms such as Mantrimalls give better promotions and bonus to their customers. for last few weeks many accounts got disabled without any proper intimation. 

People are really afraid to invest again in such platforms and they refused to play further. because they lost some money from their disabled account even they won’t able to recover it.

Mantrimalls – Best Colour Prediction Game Ever !

Joymall  Low investment, Easy predictions.

Pacificmall – Newly launched 

Reliance mall – New mall

How to Play Colour Prediction Game

Colour Prediction game is the most popular way to earn money from online, you just need a mobile phone to register and play. Colour prediction game has channels such as PARITY, SAPRE, BCONE, EMERD. Etc. 

Mantrimalls exactly has the above four channels which you can bet at the same time for all. There will be Green & Red which you need to predict what would be next. Every minute the the colour will changed, If the same colour arrives as per your prediction then you will get profit.

You can choose your bet from Rs.10/- If you spend Rs.10/- to bet on a colour, then you will get Rs.9.80 profit if the result is correct.

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Which Is The Best Colour Prediction Game Platform

There are many colour prediction games in the internet but you have choose the right one before you invest. Mantrimalls is the best colour prediction platform nowadays. Remember that the Mantrimalls is the best platform then other only for now. we are routinely researching with all other platforms and comparing which is best for users. 

So, If any other platforms give extra benefits to users or If mantrimalls fails to provide best service, then this will be changed, We will periodically update and inform the best  platform which you need to play. 

Mantrimalls – Best Colour Prediction Game Ever !

Joymall  Low investment, Easy predictions.

Pacificmall – Newly launched 

Reliance mall – New mall

Let’s see why Mantrimalls is better then others.

Low Investment

Minimum investment in Mantrimalls Rs.100/- only. So, that everyone can join and start predicting the colour.

Referral Bonus

Mantrimalls gives you Rs.138/- for single referral, you just need to invite a person and make them to recharge minimum Rs. 100/-

Instant 2 Level Commission

Every platforms offering bonus to their users but not all of them gives it on time. in Mantrimalls you will get the bonus very instantly.

24/7 Withdrawal

You can withdraw you money at any time, There is not holidays like weekend and government holidays. even your money will get credited within 10 to 15 minutes to you bank account.

Low Charges for Withdrawal 

Mantrimalls will charges Rs.30/- for withdrawals until Rs.1000/- if you try to withdraw more then Rs.1000/- you will get  charges overall 3% as a commission. this is very low comparing then similar platforms.

Easy Recharge

Recharging is the major problem in many platforms, Mantrimalls having easy and quick recharge system. you can recharge and withdraw you money from your phone pay, google pay or any  other UPI ID’s. the amount will added to your wallet within few seconds after you made successful recharge.

Why My Colour Prediction Game Disabled?

Colour Prediction games offering referral bonus to the game players for their every invites. Some people are using fake ID’s and using more then 1 ID for in a same device, You should not use more then 1 account in a device. to reducing the duplicate account, the colour prediction game platforms will disable you account without any notice. 

It better to play in one account so that you don’t need to loss your money also you can concentrate in playing, You can refer many friends but you should not create duplicate account. 

Please comment if your account got disabled or facing any issue with your platforms. and don’t forgot to mention your platform name in the comments.

Thank for reading. Please subscribe to stay updated.

Similar Colour Prediction Games

Mantrimalls – Best Colour Prediction Game Ever !

Joymall  Low investment, Easy predictions.

Pacificmall – Newly launched 

Reliance mall – New mall

We advice to make first Recharge minimum Rs.500/-

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  1. Sir my mantrimall account has been disabled which sir you enable please sir such mistake will not happen again. sir please return my investment
    My mantrimall account number-6396978839
    Please help me sir please please please

  2. The only main reason for account disabling is people using multiple accounts. mantrimalls gives you more benefits then others. instant withdrawal, proper commission and bonus but still some people doing like this, using multiple account would cause your account disabled. please avoid it.

  3. hello
    my account is not disabled but my amount got transferred to your company itself.i taken the transaction history it shows that grants taken my amount.refund back my amount.

  4. i have withdrawn amount from this app on 24th Aug 2021 still amount not crdited to my account, I have sent nearly 30 emails to mantrilmall team and share my bank statement as well, but no proper response and they are telling withdraw is successful please check bank account, but they are not giving any transaction details to check with the bank, so guys dont trust this app its fake and be far and safe.

  5. I’m having the same issue with the Wingo Colour Prediction Game App being disabled. I’ve tried logging in with my Mantri Mall account, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there any way to fix this?

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