Naiyappudai Meaning in English – Tamil 

The was written by Maha Kavi Subramania Bharathi also known as BHARATHIYAR.


Naiyappudai Meaning in English

Naiya pudai – Strike harder to remove the dust and unwanted things.

Naiyappudai meaning in Tamil 

In a common tongue – தட்டி பிரி (Thatti piri)

The word Naiyapudai is used in the below song written by bharathiyar 

Achham thavir. Naiyya pudai
(let the fear, Beat harder to remove dust and unwanted things)

Maanam poattru, Roudhiram pazhagu
(Cherish the honour, Learn to act against the atrocities)

Aanmai Thavarel, Kedilum thuninthunil
(Don’t lose your manliness, Be firm always)

Keduppadhu Sorvu, Thiyoarkku Anjel
(Laziness spoils you,  Don’t afraid of bad people)

Oydhal ozhi, Nerpada pesu
(Stop thinking about resting, always speak  straight forward)

Thaazhndhu nadavel, Migaipada solel
(Do not lose your dignity, Speak the truth instead of dramatic)

Kaalam azhyel, Keezhorkku anjel
(Dont waste your time, Do not afraid of the people, their whispering who behind you)

Por thozhil pazhagu, tholviyil kalangel
(Learn to fight like a soldier without fear, Don’t get upset when you failed)

Puthiyana Virumbu, Veeriam perukku
(Expect new things,  Improve your strength)

Pethamai Agatru, Unmaiku anjel
(Ignore yourself from unaware, Don’t be shy or fear to tell the truth)

Vedipura pesu, Nandru Karudhu
(Speak without hesitate like blasting a bomb, Think deeper)

Vavvuthal neeku, Thava thinai nirapunee
(Avoid greediness, Archive your penance)

Katrathu ozhugu, Kaithozhil pottru
(Keeping practicing what you learned, cheer the manual works)

Serkay ariye, Peigalukku anjeal
(See whom you associate with, don’t fear of evil)

Maanam pottru, Manthiram valimaii
(Cheer the honour in you, Mantras are  potency)

Vallamai pasel, Naal elam vinai sei
(Don’t talk about your wealthy, Do something everyday to make yourself better)


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