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Many of you already tried many colour prediction game tricks but you i know nothing give you a good result. You may seen many youtubers gave fake formula, algorithm, tircks but those are all fake tricks, they were only promoting their youtube channel. They dont know anything about colour prediction game. we have been publishing many posts about colour prediction games since 2019.


You can check all our blog posts and youtube videos, “we have never told any people to recharge high amount” if any one tells you to recharge high amount it will be a scam. they will loot your money surely.

So, Let talk about colour prediction game winning tricks. There are plenty of color prediction game apps available today. but most of them are not really working in good condition. Many platforms not having customer service facility. Before investing your money you need to find a good and trust worthy colour prediction game app.

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RRR Tricks of Colour Prediction Games

The following tricks will not tell you which colour or number will come next but it will help you to understand the game formula and make you a pro gamer.

1. Right Time to Bet

They alter the colour to suit their mood. They have the ability to change colour at any time. When they make forecasts in a Telegram group, they typically employ this method. You must place an order in accordance with the group projections in order to profit from this strategy. You run a greater risk of losing your money if you alter any orders.

If you are going to play as per group prediction then, Play as per their advise. Never change the colour or amount. Ultimately they will give you approximately 30% profit everyaday.

Or, if you wish to play your own then never play in peak hours and use very low amount for each bet, then you will have a chance of 80% to win.

2. Right Colour to Bet

Because of the straightforward technique used in the colour prediction game, it is challenging to anticipate the next colour. The new colour is added at random every three minutes. They typically use an algorithm for colour prediction patterns, which makes it simple to guess the colour. According to the colour pattern, this kind of algorithm will automatically alter the colour.

If you follow any trend like AABBAABB / AAABAAABAAA / AAABBBAAABBB, – wait for the third set and bet on 4th set. i.e; Third set means AAA-1 BBB-2 again “A” is the 3rd set. if it is “A” then you can expect 85% “A” next and 60% another “A” in the last.

3. Right Amount to Bet

The bot will automatically adjust the hue based on the ratio of the bet amount. Any hue that has more wagers will immediately lose. You must use an extremely small amount for each order in this algorithm in order to avoid losses. This algorithm will only function on weekends and during peak times, such as the morning and evening.

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